I want to help you be the real you and discover what you want in your life today. Not who you think you should be or what you wanted five years ago.

I believe you have everything you need inside you to achieve your dreams. All you need is some clarity and support to get the life you want. That’s where I come in.

I will help you untangle your thoughts to find out what makes you tick, what turns you on and switches you off. Then we can start piecing together a plan – your route to the best ever you.

That’s what you deserve. It’s time to unfurl.

I offer individual and group sessions depending on your needs. Here are my most commonly requested services. Individual sessions usually take place on the phone but I can meet face-to-face (travel permitting). Prices available on request:

  • image_bulb
    One-off two-hour power session that deals with a specific issue. What are you stuck on? Or what’s keeping you stuck? What do you long to do but don’t know where to start? We can look at the issue from different perspectives, brainstorm ideas and find ways to move forwards.
  • image_setup
    Ongoing one-to-one sessions, usually for a minimum period of three months, that help you take stock, clarify what you feel, want and need, and work towards your personal goals. I take a holistic approach – helping you look at and balance your whole life.
  • image_develop
    Blocks of one-to-one sessions that help existing business owners, new entrepreneurs and coaches define, showcase and build confidence in their own ‘brand’. This is where I combine communications mentoring and personal coaching to help people and businesses thrive.
  • image_deliver
    Group workshops that focus on specific issues or topics to help people challenge and express themselves so they can gain confidence and awareness. More details on my next session very soon, watch this space.
Hi, I’m Jen. I lead a double life at the moment – splitting my time between coaching clients and working in a communications agency.

I’ve always loved building people up – whether that’s supporting someone through a tough time or helping them blossom. I’ve been a mentor for over ten years, volunteered as a counsellor and worked freelance as a makeup artist… and all these things light me up because I love helping people recognise their own strengths and shine bright.

I decided to set up Unfurl in 2012 as a way of pulling all these skills together in a coaching package, training with the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute to add weight to my previous experience and life skills.

I find that the combination of communications and coaching works really well; I can still play with words and ideas and bring that creativity to my coaching while using my coaching skills to build strong relationships with communications colleagues and clients.

If you would like to know anything else about me or my coaching approach, please do give me a call.

If you are interested in working with me, please email me or give me a call to arrange a free chemistry session.

I offer this to all prospective clients so you can find out more about my approach and we can see if we 'fit'.

Mobile: 07854 110060
Landline: 01274 598717
Email: jen@unfurl.co.uk


*Don't worry! I do not spam.